Friday, 11 July 2014

Review - Em Cosmetic | pillow plush | cushiony lip balm | Berries.

Harrow pretty earthlings! I recently purchased Em Cosmetic's pillow plush cushiony lip balm from a dear friend. You can find her on Instagram with the name @lysfairebar (click for the link!), She carries other brands like 3CE, NARS and etcetera.

The shade that I got the lip balm in is Berries, a plum, deep purple shade. The packaging, like all the other Em products, is themed white (mostly). 

It's buttery and smells like vanilla lollipop (nomZ). It is said on Em's official website that it can be applied as a normal lip balm, or as a primed/prepped canvas prior to applying your lipstick at a later time. So you actually get a moisturising lip balm...and a lip primer! Here are some swatches.

(L-R) One swipe, two and then three, with natural lighting.

With LED white lighting.

As can be seen above, it is Build-able in a sense that one layer will give a subtle tint, whilst on the other hand, if you find the need to apply more or pack on more, you will end up with a more pigmented layer. You can either play it subtle or amp your look up by applying more layers!

There are other shades available on my friend's IG (@lysfairebar). Check them out if you're interested! Hope this post can help you in your decision :). Thank you for reading!


  1. hey makeup gladyator! hehe not sure what to call you, got your blog from ainul :) anyway i've been meaning to buy em cosmetic's concealer thing, but i noticed you have already with you some of her other products. what do you think of it? i just wasn't sure about the consistency of the products... hehe

  2. Hello! You can just call me Gladys :). Unfortunately I don't have any of Em's concealers. But I've seen reviews saying thay the Great Cover Up one is good. The concealers come in palettes too. I haven't tried any though hehe. What else are you planning to get?

    1. honestly just the concealer and the bronzer stick, cos i've only found a few good feedbacks on other products. the thing is NARS does a great bronzer stick so i'm not sure whether i should try out both! :D i'm amal btw!

    2. Yes NARS Multiple in the shade Laguna is really pretty! But EM's one has a highlighter end too so it's like two products in one haha. Hehe hello Amal!

  3. nice review, how much does the lipbalm costs?


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