Thursday, 24 September 2015

Review: ColourPop Strobing II.

Well hello there errbadeh!!!!! It's been a while, hasn't it? I certainly hope you're doing well! It's crazy that we're already nearing the end of September. And soon it'll be Christmas and New Years and Chinese New Year!

ColourPop Cosmetics has been getting so much attention from beauty and cosmetics enthusiasts all over the world. And this doesn't exclude me! ColourPop is known for its high quality, with affordability. Most products, if not all, cost only USD5! But sadly they do not ship internationally. There are a few sellers here in Brunei that carry ColourPop but I only go to TwixBN (link here!) because they offer the cheapest prices, to my knowledge at least.

So a few weeks ago I placed an order at TwixBN for ColourPop's Strobing II and it costed only BND57.60 after a 10% discount. This particular set includes three Super Shock Cheeks (blushers) and three Lippie Stix. My order arrived about two weeks later and I was beyond excited as it was my very first ColourPop product. So for my blogpost today, I will be talkin' about ColourPop's Strobing II! Here are ze pictures!

↑ Product packaging.

↑ Back of the box that states all the ingredients.

↑ Super Shock Cheek in Avalon, Parasol and Stryke.

↬ Parasol - a light, peachy gold shade.
↬ Avalon - a bronze shade.
↬ Stryke - a reddish-brown shade.

↑ Super Shock Cheek in Parasol

↑ Super Shock Cheek in Avalon

↑ Super Shock Cheek in Stryke

↑ Top to bottom: Toasted, Thistle, Promenade.

↬ Thistle - a light, peachy shade in crème finish.
↬ Toasty - a warm, brown shade in crème finish.
↬ Promenade - a wine-coloured shade in sheer finish.

Time for some selfies!

↑ Me wearing Thistle.

↑ Me wearing Toasty (my fave!).

↑ Me wearing Promenade.

Please do excuse my Hello Kitty pyjamas and my face with only mascara and penciled eyebrow! I was just getting ready to head out for a casual dinner and I usually do not bother putting on foundation because I am lazy like that haha.

Anyhoot! I feel that the cheek products might be a little too dark for me but I will definitely use them as eyeshadows because they are super creamy and easy to blend! I think they'll look great as eyeshadows. Will be trying that out when I get the chance! The Lippie Stix are very creamy as well and they smell so good, like caramel. Who doesn't like caramel-smelling lip products, right?

I hope this blogpost has helped you in a way or two. Don't hesitate to leave a comment or question down below if you have any! Have a great weekend ahead of you!

Gladyator signing out.


  1. Do a tutorial with the shadows! Wanna see!

    1. Hi Bonet!! Yes I shall try using the cheek products as eyeshadows when I get the chance to!! Hehe.


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