Sunday, 18 October 2015

Review: ColourPop Back to Cool Set.

Hi everyone! I'm back today with a short blogpost, featuring ColourPop's Back to Cool lippie stix set! I purchased mine at BND54 with my 10% discount from TwixBN (click HERE for their Instagram page!). Amazing customer service as always by the two ladies that run TwixBN. 

Enough talkin'. Here are some pictures I took today! :)

↑ Front of the product packaging.

↑ What you get inside!

↑ (L-R) Choker, Mosh Pit, Baewatch, Out Of Sync, Too Sexy, TGIF.

↑ (L-R) ChokerMosh PitBaewatchOut Of SyncToo SexyTGIF.

↑ (L-R) ChokerMosh PitBaewatchOut Of SyncToo SexyTGIF.

Choker - a muted, nude shade in a crème finish. 
Mosh Pit - a medium, brown shade in a matte finish.
Baewatch - a dusty rose shade in a matte finish (love this!!).
Out Of Sync - a darker Barbie pink shade in a matte finish.
Too Sexy - a basic purple shade in a satin finish (this very much reminds me of Dose Of Colors' Berry Me shade).
TGIF - a classic, medium, dark red shade in a matte finish.

And for an extra, little something something..

↑ A dearest friend sent me this picture via WhatsApp, thought I'd share it here!

These lippie stix smell amazing as usual, just like caramel! I've yet to put them on my lips to try them on, though. But all three lippie stix's in my previous post (link HERE!) apply very well and they last for a long time, especially the matte shades! Even the matte shades do not appear drying on my lips. I often moisturise my lips using Vaseline or The Body Shop's lip-balm before I go to bed and also, fifteen minutes prior to applying any lip products. I feel that this simple step of daily moisturising really makes a difference in making any lip product glide on smoothly!

I guess that's all for now! Big hugs to you if you've made it this far! Thank you so much for reading and do not hesitate to leave a comment down below if you have any questions! Have a great week ahead of you!

Gladyator signing out.

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