Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Mini BH Cosmetics Haul.

Hello pretty earthlings!! BH Cosmetics (link here!) makes one of the most affordable and good quality products, ever. I know this because I've seen so many reviews on YouTube. If there is anyone who is new to makeup and don't want to spend a lot of money on it, BH is definitely a good way to start one's makeup journey!

Sadly there aren't any shops that carry the brand in Brunei. Then again, it doesn't matter because BH's official website offers international shipping *throws confetti*. If I remember correctly, international shipping fee to Brunei is a flat rate of USD21.95, using USPS and tracking of parcel is provided. I received the postcard to collect the stuff I ordered from BH after waiting for approximately three weeks. I could only collect them the next day because the post office closed early. The torment!

Without further ado, here are the stuff I ordered!


Bombshell Bronze (USD4.95) in the shade Siren*. There are three shades altogether:

  • Diva, which has a matte finish with tones of warm sunny bronze.
  • Starlet, which has an illuminating finish with tones of beige, pink and peachy bronze.
  • *Siren, which has a shimmering finish with tones of deep gold, copper and bronze.


The Sculpt and Blend brush set, which is actually the "initiator" of my haul in the very first place! I have Sigma's Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit (USD159 excluding shipping) and it is much more expensive than BH's (USD22.95 ≅ USD23). I have only used my Sigma brushes twice (during big festivities like the Chinese New Year) since I got it the beginning of this year because it's expensive. What a dumb reason, I know! I tend to keep the more expensive things and use them for a more special event or function but I ALWAYS end up using Real Techniques brushes because they are much cheaper, again, than Sigma. Bad bad bad habit.

Okay, gotta get back on (the BH) track! The Sculpt and Blend brush costs ≅USD23 and has ten brushes altogether. Each brush is basically worth only ≅USD2.30. The bristles of these feel similar to that of Sigma's. BH's feel a lot lighter though, but it don't matter! If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, this set is definitely for you. This particular set contains:

  • a round blending face brush
  • an angled blending face brush
  • a tapered contouring face brush
  • a flat blending face brush
  • an angled contouring face brush
  • a small tapered contouring face brush
  • a small angled blending face brush
  • a small flat blending face brush
  • a small angled contouring face brush
  • a small round blending face brush

Though they are all labeled as face brushes, the smaller ones can actually be used to apply products like eyeshadows. Like Michelle Phan has mentioned before, you can use anything for anything (or something along that line).


The 6 Color Palette! This palette has six large spheres of high and pigmented color powder, which can be used to contour and shade, or as blushers.


And finally, the highlight of this post, featuring BH's Eyes On The 70's and Eyes On The 80's palettes! I ordered the 60's palette from Urban Outfitters in my previous post (click here!) and I knew I had to get the 70's and 80's one. Each palette contains 30 eyeshadows that are matte, shimmery and glittery. You can create many looks with these, ranging from normal everyday ones (with neutral and warm shades) to crazy, blown-out looks (with..basically all the other shades).

Phew that was one lengthy post! If you have made it until here, thank you so much for reading! I hope this post has helped you :)

Gladyator signing out!


  1. Hi dear! im so glad that i stumbled upon your blog. bruneian blogger! I never use BH cosmetic before but looking at those crazy sale theyre having now for Halloween cant resist me to get my hands on this pretty! may i ask is the shipping rate to brunei only cost USD21.95 despite if i buy numbers of item? the shipping rate is crazy..so i want to make sure that it worth the cost lol. hope you can help. thank you gorgeous :)

    1. Hi there! Usually whenever I order up to 5-7 items, the shipping fee is still USD21.95. But what I suggest is putting all the times you want in the shopping cart, and try checking out to see the shipping fee (make sure you enter Brunei as the destination). That's what I usually do to just check the total amount so I can see if it's worth it. Hope this helps!

  2. hello! mind to share where you purchased your sigma brushes? thanks!

    1. Hi! I purchased them on Sigma's official website, www.sigmabeauty.com. Shop@Sarah's at Seri Kiulap Mall sells them too but I think they're more than expensive.

    2. hello! thanks for your response Gladys :) how long does it takes to arrive? how much do they charge for the shipping fee?

    3. You're most welcome! If my memory serves me correctly, I think it was approximately USD35. It took nearly three weeks to a month.

  3. Hi i have a quick question.. do you think the bh flat blending face brush is the same as sigma f80?

    1. Hello! It doesn't apply as well as the F80 but it isn't that bad either, considering the price. Are you looking into getting it? BH has a deal on that now I think :D

  4. A classy brush that looks as exotic as a zebra, the Duo Fiber Stippling Brush is a makeup artist’s favorite friend, choose it for your most glorious foundation and blush applications! Uniquely-engineered bristles give you superior contour control. Try it for light, heavy, cream, or powder effects the results are supreme! BH Cosmetics at best price at Online Shopping In Dubai

  5. Omg i ordered from the bh cosmetics website to Brunei and shipping was USD5! I got the studio brow palette, and 2 lipsticks so maybe thats why. Also there was a promo code that got me a surprise gift and free shipping. Can't wait to receive it!

    1. BH always provides its members with promo codes! And their products are very well-priced. I really love their Flawless Brow Trio palette, I use it everyday! Hope you'll love your stuff as much as I do! ☺️


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