Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Review: Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks.

Hi errbadeh!

I went to Singapore back in January and the first shop I stepped into was Urban Decay at Bugis Junction. I initially only wanted their matte revolution lipstick in the shade 1993 which was the hype back then. Thankfully they had only one piece left and I, of course, bought it without hesitation. The saleslady also introduced me their Shame shade, which is beautiful. Gotta give it up to her for convincing me to get it. I bought each for SGD33. If my memory serves me correctly, Changi Airport also has Urban Decay at their cosmetics section and it might be cheaper there as it's duty free.

Not long ago, Urban Decay released a new shade, Carnal, which is sold exclusively online. When I saw it, I knew I had to get it because it really is a beautiful shade! TwixBN (Instagram link here!) managed to get their hands on it and it was delivered to me yesterday. I got Carnal for BND36 (= BND40-10%).

Here are some pictures I took today! :)

↑ Front packaging.

↑Back packaging, where you can see the actual shade of the product you're getting.

↑ (L-R) Carnal (matte), 1993 (matte) and Shame.

↑ The matte lipsticks' bullets are navy and the normal one is silver.

Time for some swatches!

↑ Top to bottom under white LED light:

↑ Top to bottom under natural lighting:

Carnal - a dusty rose, mauve-y matte shade.
1993 - a medium, brown shade.
Shame - a deep, wine shimmery shade.

Carnal on me.

1993 on me.

 Shame on me. Shame on me, haha. Ok.

Let me tell you one thing about these UD revolution lipsticks, they are creamy and pigmented as heck! All you need is one swipe, pat your lips together and you're good to go. Layer on if you must but really, one layer is sufficient. 

I hope this blog post has helped you if you're ever considering of getting these UD lipsticks! Do leave a comment down below if you have any questions :D Thank you for reading!

Gladyator signin' out.


  1. Omg that Carnal is my fav!!! <3

    1. It's a beautiful shade! I'm sure it'll look good on you!!


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