Monday, 14 November 2016

✧ Online Haul: ColourPop Cosmetics ✧

Happy Monday errbadeh! It's already the middle of November and we only have a month and a half left till we're all greeted by 2017. Crazy how quickly time flies huh? I feel that I always say that in every blogpost haha. But that's only because it's true.

In August, I posted my first online haul on ColourPop Cosmetics since they had only launched their worldwide shipping on the 12th of July. Back in September, they then had FREE international shipping promotion if your purchases are above USD50 (and it's going to be free until the end of this year! YAY!) and shipping fee is USD9.99 for purchases below USD50.

This time around I ordered an eyeshadow quad, a highlighter and six lip products. My order was placed on the 22nd of September and I was sent an e-mail with USPS tracking number after five working days. My parcel arrived and was collected on the 20th of October.

Here are some pictures I took!

⇣ The iconic ColourPop box and their greeting card ⇣

⇣ Lip products ⇣

↬ Calypso (ultra satin) - a medium toned rose shade.
 Baracuda (ultra satin) - a deep rosy, mauve shade.
 Hutch (ultra satin) - a dark, purplish plum shade.
↬ Lost (ultra satin) - a medium brown shade.
 Love Bug (ultra matte) - a burnt orange shade.
 Stain (ultra glossy) - a soft burgundy shade with a sheer finish.

Zingara Super Shock Shadow Collection ⇣

▶︎ (Top to Bottom)  ◀︎

↬ Seeker - a warm, reddish brown shade in a matte finish.
 Paradox - a burgundy red shade in a satin finish.
 Elixir - a warm, orange matte shade.
 Jinxie - a pearlised champagne gold shade.


⇣ Highlighter ⇣

 Spoon - a light silver, champagne highlight with a lot of sparkle.

 ☃ A little round up.. 

I have always liked ColourPop's eyeshadows because they have a very creamy consistency. I usually apply and pack them on to my eyelids using my fingers first and I then only use a fluffy brush to do all the blending. I feel that ColourPop's eyeshadows apply the best with fingers first. As for their lip products, I gravitate towards ultra satin lips than I do their ultra matte lips. Ultra satin ones feel more comfortable on my lips. Ultra matte lips tend to be more drying so that's where all the lip balms come into good use!

For the look above, I used the Zingara eyeshadow quad to a live orchestra event a few weeks ago, paired with the ultra satin lips in the shade Lost and the highlighter Spoon

 ⇣ Me wearing ultra satin lips in the shade Calypso

⇣ Me wearing ultra satin lips in the shade Baracuda ⇣

⇣ Me wearing ultra matte lips in the shade Love Bug ⇣

I recently made another order from the website and it revolves around their latest collaboration with HELLO KITTY! Soooo excited to receive the parcel but I shall patiently wait, knowing that parcels usually take two to four weeks to arrive to Brunei.

Till then, thank you for reading! I hope this blogpost is helpful in a way or two. Please leave a comment or question down below if you have any! Have a great week ahead of y'allz.

Gladyator signing out.


  1. Hey there! I'm thinking of ordering from Colourpop myself instead of buying from instagram sellers. Did you have to pay customs for these when you collected them from the post office? Or were they sent straight to your doorstep? Thank you! x

    1. Hello! Yes, I was required to pay 5% of my entire purchase, converted from USD to BND. Sometimes the custom officer might ask you to leave your items behind for the pharmacy department to check. But sometimes if they are lenient enough, they'll let you off.

      Hope that helps!


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