Monday, 24 October 2016

✧ Online Haul: Anastasia Beverly Hills ✧

Happy Monday, errbadeh!

The past week has been a tad hectic. I had my graduation last two Saturdays and I'm officially a Masters holder yay *throws confetti*.  To "prepare" myself for the event, I decided to get some stuff from ABH. I saw that they were releasing their new Master Palette by Mario as well as a new liquid lipstick in the shade Allison. So... I went on and did a little damage by purchasing those two products and a liquid lipstick in the shade Veronica. Guilty not guilty!

I already own a few liquid lipsticks  (shades: Kathryn, Dusty Rose, Catnip, Ashton) from ABH from an online haul a few months back. So for this blogpost, I will combine both hauls. Here are some pictures I took!

 What I got! 

 Master Palette by Mario eyeshadow palette 

▶︎ (L-R) ◀︎
↬ Hollywood - a medium-toned gold shade with a slight shimmer.
 NYC - a reddish, bronze shade with a pearly sheen finish.
 Kim - a medium-toned brown shade with a tad of orange undertone and has a slight sheen finish.
↬ Muse - a medium-toned copper shade with a metallic sheen finish.
 Marina - a slight peachy, medium-toned champagne shade with a metallic finish.
 Claudia - a grayish blue metallic shade.
↬ Lula - a muted taupe matte shade. 
 Isabel - an orangey, terracotta shade with a matte finish.
 Violeta - a darker reddish brown shade with a matte finish.
↬ 5th Ave - a medium gold shade with a metallic finish,
 Bronx - a olive green shade with a metallic finish.
 Paris - a brownish, bronze shade with a frosted finish.

 Liquid lipsticks
▶︎ (Top to bottom) ◀︎
↬ Ashton - a medium-toned brown shade.
 Dusty Rose - a muted, purplish pink shade.
 Catnip - a medium-toned purplish plum shade.
↬ Kathryn - a red shade with a pink undertone.
 Allison - a pinky, brown shade (which I think can pass as a darker version of Dusty Rose!).
 Veronica - a muted, plum-ish mauve shade.

 ☃ A little round up.. 

I really, really like the liquid lipsticks. On me, they aren't drying at all and they last a looong time. I once wore Kathryn to Jerudong Park, which included me having really good (and oily) food and still, the lipstick held up until the end of the night with only a tad of feathering on the outer corners of my lips. I've worn all six shades above and I like all of them. Here are some pictures of me using them! (L-R, top to bottom: Ashton, Dusty Rose, Catnip, Allison, Veronica, Kathryn)




As for the Mario eyeshadow palette, the payoff is AMAZING. I used it (in the last two pictures above) when I had rehearsals for my graduation and on the actual day of the event too. My makeup held up the entire day, despite sweating a lot throughout the day.

The eyeshadow palette is USD45 and each liquid lipstick is USD20. The shipping fee to Brunei costs approximately USD18 but the courier is UPS so your parcel is shipped directly to your house. And that only means no queuing up at the post office and getting taxed! That also means, no queuing up at the post office and getting taxed for your parcel (YAY!)!

I personally don't mind paying for the shipping fee because it is really convenient. If it's too hefty, you can always find friends who are interested in ordering so the shipping fee can be divided accordingly.

I hope this blogpost has helped you in a way or two. Please don't hesitate to leave any comments or questions down below if you have any. Thank you for reading and have a great week ahead of you!

Gladyator signin' out.


  1. I like the shades Ashton and Veronica on you. Very bad ass!

    1. Hello! They're both very nice shades. And thank you! ☺️

  2. Ohdamn, that palette thooooo ♥.♥
    they don't ship to brunei anymore T_T i wanted to get the renaissance palette.

    1. Yeah, it's a shame they stopped shipping to Brunei! But I'm glad I managed to get my hands on what I wanted 😄


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