Monday, 1 August 2016

✧ Online Haul: ColourPop Cosmetics ✧

Hi everyone!

It has been more than a month since my previous ColourPop Cosmetics haul annnnnd I'm back today with another one. All my previous ColourPop purchases have been made through local Instagram sellers because ColourPop did not ship internationally. But since the 12th of July this year, they have officially started their worldwide, international shipping!

That news came alight to me when when I was sent an email by ColourPop as I have signed up as member wayyy back when. That was the best news I heard all week! I already started adding things into my cart even before the 12th of July because I'm kiasu like that haha. I joke, I joke. I was just genuinely excited!

I made my purchase on the day that they launched their international shipping, and my order was fulfilled and dispatched on the 14th of July via USPS. My package arrived Brunei on the 27th of July, but I only received the post office postcard/notice to collect my package on Friday the 29th.

My entire online purchase consists of 17 items = 4 ultra matte lips, 7 ultra satin lips, 3 lippie stix's  in their latest matte x formula and 2 blushers and one highlighter. Now, before you say I'm crazy for hauling that many items, I'd like to say something! The shipping fee is a flat rate of USD25 (≈ BND34) which in my opinion, is rather hefty. So to *ahem* justify spending that much money on the shipping fee itself, I decided to go all out on buying more products. So for each item, shipping would only be roughly BND2 (=BND34 ÷ 17 items). That way, I'm actually making the shipping worthwhile. Amirite!?

Ultra matte lips and ultra satin lips are USD6 (≈BND8) each. Lippie stix's are USD5 (≈BND6.70) each. Blushers and highlighters cost USD8 (≈BND11) each. So when you add the shipping fee of BND2 to each item, you are still paying much lesser than you do when you buy from local sellers here. But of course, it'll only be cheaper purchasing online yourself when you order a lot and make use of the hefty shipping fee. You can always gather some friends to buy online and split the shipping fee accordingly!

So if my calculation is correct, one ultra matte lips is BND10, one ultra satin lips is BND10, one lippie stix is BND9, while blushers and highlighter each is BND13. The prices of these will potentially be lower as you buy more products in a single purchase, taking full advantage of that hefty shipping fee. So from this experience of purchasing online myself, I'd say it will only be cheaper purchasing online yourself than buying from sellers if there are more than 15 items in your order.

Now, time for pictures that I took today! 😊

⬇︎ The beautiful box that my order came in ⬇︎
▶︎ 10 points to ColourPop for the Harry Potter reference! ◀︎

⬇︎ Lippie Stix Matte X⬇︎

▶︎ (Top to Bottom)  ◀︎

↬ Pillow Talk - a medium brown shade with a matte finish.
 Cami - a muted and rosy plum shade and has a matte finish.
 Back Up - a purply plum shade with a matte finish.

⬇︎ Ultra Satin Lips ⬇︎

▶︎ (Top to Bottom) ◀︎

 Echo Park - a peachy, nude shade.
 Spritz - a medium bubblegum pink shade.
 Alyssa - a light, dusty pink shade.
↬ November - a medium peachy pink shade.
 Dopey - a medium, dusty rose shade.
↬ Frick 'N Frack - a rosy, terracotta shade (I LOVE this one!)
 Panda - a deep violet shade (which reminds me of NYX's Prague but a deeper colour).

⬇︎ Ultra Matte Lips ⬇︎

▶︎ (Top to Bottom) ◀︎

 Solow - a light, neutral pink shade. 
 Clueless - a dusty, mauve pink shade (a little darker than Solow).
↬ Scrooge - a deep, rosy shade. 
↬ Bad Habit - a medium, plum shade with a hint of pink undertone.

⬇︎ Blushers and highlighter ⬇︎

▶︎ (Top to Bottom)  ◀︎

↬ Butterfly Beach - a soft, peachy shade with gold and silver highlights.
 Birthday Suit - a light, neutral pink in a satin finish.
 Cruel Intentions - a warm rose matte shade with no shimmer.


 ☃ A little round up.. 

I've blogged about ColourPop Cosmetics for the umpteenth time and all I'm going to say is, you will definitely get your money's worth. I've read articles and watched videos that Kylie Jenner's lipkits particularly her liquid lipsticks, and ColourPop's ultra matte lips have the same formula and that they are made from the same factory. So to some people who do not want to invest so much in Kylie's (overpriced) lipkits, ColourPop has many dupes and has wayyy more variety of shades. I have tried both and I daresay the qualities are almost similar and both apply totally the same. The only significant difference I notice is the smell from Kylie's liquid lipsticks, which are heavily scented. ColourPop ones don't have that much of a strong scent.

If you're interested in trying out ColourPop's products but you don't want to spend so much money on ordering online (that shipping fee though, sigh), you can perhaps purchase one or two from local Instagram sellers and give it a whirl. There are tons of sellers who carry ColourPop products. Ultra matte and satin lips often range within BND15 to BND20 while lippie stix's range within BND10 to BND15. I haven't seen that much of the blushers and highlighters but you can always ask the sellers on their prices.

I hope this blog post has helped you in a way or two! Thank you for reading and have a grrrreat weekend!

Gladyator signing' out.


  1. Hi Gladys. Just wondering, do you face any difficulties when collecting makeup from the post office? Do they ask you to declare anything on the pharmacy section?

    1. Hi!

      I was only required to pay tax. They do ask you to write your name and I.C. number down at the pharmacy section. You're also required to let them note the cosmetic brand(s) that is in your package, but this usually doesn't take a lot of time.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Hello, just want to know how much did u pay for tax? :) is it in brunei dollar or usd? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hello!

      Tax is usually 5% of your entire purchase and the officer at the custom will convert whatever currency your makeup was charged in to BND.


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