Monday, 22 August 2016

✧ Mini haul: Lash stuff & Rosehip Oil ✧

Hi everyone!

I'm flying off this weekend so I thought I might squeeze in a blogpost before I leave. The long-awaited trip is finally around the corner and I can't wait to see how our Airbnb listings will look like in real life. Before I get too excited, I should probably focus on the main objective of this blogpost, which is to share with you some stuff that I've bought for my holiday.

I am not one to use fake lashes because I have always felt that they are heavy on my eyes and I don't fancy the feeling of having my eyes weighed down. I think I have only used fake eyelashes twice ever since I started playing with makeup. One day, I came across a local Instagram seller called Shoppers Droppers (link here!) and saw that they were carrying some Ardell products. I came to know about the brand Ardell when I watched a few of Jaclyn Hill's videos and saw her liking towards Ardell's falsies, typically those in the Demi Wispies style.

So I thought to myself that I should probably try using falsies for once and what better way to get into that than by getting myself some Demi Wispies!? So I sent Shoppers Droppers an Instagram direct message and was responded very promptly, which I highly appreciated. I ended up getting Ardell's lash applicator and their LashGrip black eyelash adhesive. I also saw that Shoppers Droppers had some rosehip oil in their in-stocks and since I had read on the internet about how good RHO is, I decided to add the rosehip oil into my purchase list as well.

In addition to my purchase order, Shoppers Droppers was kind enough to send two additional Jouer products to me to review. I was not paid or sponsored in any way so my thoughts and comments are 100% honest.

Here are some pictures I took today!

 My order items! 

 Lash stuff! 
▶︎ Ardell Demi Wispies ◀︎

▶︎ Ardell Demi Wispies ◀︎

▶︎ Ardell eyelash applicator and LashGrip black adhesive ◀︎

▶︎ Ardell eyelash applicator and LashGrip black adhesive ◀︎

 Rosehip oil 

▶︎ Life-flo pure rosehip seed oil ◀︎

▶︎ Life-flo pure rosehip seed oil ◀︎

I have been using rosehip oil for about a week now, incorporating it into my daily skincare routine and I love it! It keeps my skin really hydrated because I have combination of dry and oily skin. Whenever I use my Laneige BB cushion, my skin tends to be really dry with patchiness here and there. But when I used it yesterday, my skin surprisingly did not feel dry at all! There were no dry patches like there usually would be. I was thoroughly surprised.

I will continue using rose hip oil for a longer period of time and update whenever necessary! But so far, I really do like how it has been beneficial to my skin.

 Lip stuff! 

▶︎ Jouer long-wear lip crème liquid lipstick and one from their limited edition mermaid collection ◀︎

▶︎ Top to bottom ◀︎
Long-wear lip crème liquid lipstick in the shade pêche
Mermaid long-wear lip crème liquid lipstick in the shade in the shade daiquiri

Pêche- a light peach shade with a pink undertone in a matte finish.
 Daiquiri - a medium-toned peachy, coral shade in a metallic matte finish.

Both lip products have a sweet, vanilla scent and they swatch beautifully and effortlessly. Looking at how beautiful the swatches are, I decided to apply them on my lips. To my surprise, it was rather difficult to apply Pêche and it was quite streaky. I had some trouble layering Pêche and trying to make it work but I could not. On my skin tone, Pêche was a little light and made me look washed out. But these aforementioned problems are quite common with lighter shades from any brand. I'm certain that the darker tones from Jouer's liquid lipstick line will be much better, considering they actually do swatch veryyyy easily and effortlessly. 

I moved on to try out the mermaid limited edition one in the shade Daiquiri and Daiquiri applied much better than Pêche did. It's a beautiful shade, and I think it will look really good paired with brown smokey eyes!

▶︎ Daiquri feat. my bare, post-workout face ◀︎

 ☃ A little round up.. 

I can't wait to try and use Ardell's lash products for my trip! The Ardell Demi Wispies falsies are BND22, lash applicator and adhesive are BND10 each. As for the rosehip oil, it's priced at BND12. The Jouer lip products are BND30 each. Give Shoppers Droppers a holla if you're interested in getting these items! They also carry other products such as Milani and Rimmel, and they have Huda Beauty's liquid lipsticks on the way so head over there if you're looking to get yourself some of those goodies!

Thank you so much for reading and making it down this far. I hope you have a great week ahead of you! Gladyator signing out.


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