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✧ Review: Mily D Vanity Mirror by ColorpopBN ✧


We're already nearing the middle of August. This blog has just turned two years old. I posted my very first entry on the 6th of July 2014. It's crazy how time flies! I have loved makeup and enjoyed collecting them since, I'd say, the year 2012? But only picked up the courage to start a blog two years later, thanks to the beau's motivation and support.

I don't know whether it's sad to say that I have never owned a proper vanity mirror until now. For the past many years, what I have been using are basically: normal mirrors with my study lamp (a Panasonic one with white LED light). Come to think of it, I wouldn't say it's sad because I still managed to do my makeup with no problem at all.

I have used the aforementioned method for the longest time, then I decided I needed a 'proper' vanity mirror, one with lights. So I actually went to Paloma to purchase a BND159 (if I remember correctly) Beurer Illuminated Cosmetics Mirror. 

I only used it once or twice, and sold it off because it didn't suit my needs. So since then, I had gotten back to my trusty old way of using my 6-years-old mirror and my Panasonic study lamp which has served me well since I was in my second year of Undergraduate in UBD.

It is now finally time to try something new because ColorpopBN (Instagram account link here!) has kindly sent me to review their Mily D Vanity Mirror and share with you all my thoughts on it. I was not paid or compensated in any form. This will be my 100% honest opinion, as per usual.

Mily D Vanity Mirror by ColorpopBN is a vanity makeup mirror with inbuilt 16 white LED lights. The entire mirror, with its base attached, doesn't feel heavy at all. It's travel-friendly because of its size, which is that of an iPad. In addition to that, it has a touch-screen ON/OFF interface, it is wireless and is operated with four AA batteries. So you need not worry about any wires dangling or getting caught by itself in your luggage. We all know the pain of trying to un-dangle wires... 

 Mily D Vanity Mirror 
▶︎ White box that includes the mirror and the base ◀︎

▶︎ Base of the mirror ◀︎

▶︎ Front of the mirror ◀︎

▶︎ Back of the mirror with the hinge, to be attached to the base ◀︎

 ▶︎ ON/OFF switch ◀︎

▶︎ ON/OFF touch-screen interface ◀︎


To see how bright it is, I turned off all the lights in the room and had the vanity mirror as my sole light source. I also turned off the auto-flash settings in my camera so the pictures will be as they are in real life. To my surprise, it really managed to light up pretty well, even in total darkness!

▶︎ Look at how clear the reflection is! ◀︎
▶︎ Also, yes, all the pictures on my blog are taken with my trusty Samsung NX Mini because I don't have a DSLR or a fancier camera huhu ◀︎

 Additional specs 

▶︎ General-facing direction of the mirror ◀︎

As you can see in the pictures above, you can have the mirror tilted at 0° up to 180°. I personally would only tilt it to an angle that I'm comfortable with when doing my makeup and would not actually 'rotate' it because it might loosen the hinge to the point that you might not even be able to tilt it at all. But that's just my preference. Tilt it however you want, homie!

 ☃ A little round up.. 

I like the fact that this Mily D Vanity Mirror isn't at all bulky and at the same time, you get the quality from the LED lights too. An important aspect, to me at least, is that it is wireless! You needn't designate an electronic socket just to use the mirror when doing your makeup. You can bring it around when you travel because it isn't big at all. However, you might want to consider storing the mirror properly so it does not get scratched in your luggage.

If you're ever interested in having a mirror like this but don't want to pay loads of money to try one and have the possibility of not liking it in the end, you can give Mily D Vanity Mirror a try. It retails for BND45 and comes in a few colours such as lavender, white and mint (!!). Give ColorpopBN a holla if you have any questions regarding this mirror, or you can simply comment down below if you have any questions or thoughts you'd like to share!

I'd like to say a huge thank you to the girls at ColorpopBN for sending me this little gem!

I hope this blogpost has helped you in a way or two. Thanks so much for reading and making it down here! Have a great weekend ahead of y'allz.

Gladyator signing out!


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