Monday, 20 June 2016

Review: Matte & Metal Matte Lip Kits by Kylie Cosmetics℠.

Happy Monday errbadeh!

Kylie Cosmetics℠ lip products, to me, are like hot cakes. They sell like hot cakes! One minute they're in stock, and the next, they are most probably (and usually) sold out! They're usually restocked in the wee hours in Brunei (GMT) time and it really is a hassle trying to wake up (or stay awake for the night-owlers!).

Also, I've read on the Internet that some people have trouble with their orders. Either their packages get lost in transit and never reaching their supposed destination or their package comes into their hands empty. So I decided to place a few orders from TwixBN because they offer the most affordable price for Kylie Cosmetics℠ products. Kylie Matte Lip Kits are BND55 and Metal Matte Lip Kits are BND35. In addition to that, there is no deposit required and you can always pay up for your order when it has successfully arrived Brunei or when payday has graced all of us. Sometimes it's a hassle when deposit is required before your order can be processed, because who knows? Packages might get lost or get tampered in transit, and then you'd have to be refunded your deposit. But of course, I do understand from the standpoint of sellers because requiring deposit for orders are safer for themselves to prevent customers from backing out and say "Sorry sis, me nada jadi bali ah" when their stuff have arrived. Such actions might negatively impact the seller. As a customer and a consumer, I think it's cool that certain sellers like TwixBN protects their customers not requiring payment of deposit. Naturally, we cannot take advantage of this and we all have to be ethical and good customers.

Hookay! Enough ranting. Here are some pictures I took for my orders!

⬇︎ Matte Lip Kits ⬇︎

⬇︎ Each of these lip kits contain one matte liquid lipstick and one lip liner ⬇︎
▶︎ (L-R) Koko KDolce K and Posie K ◀︎

⬇︎ Matte liquid lipsticks ⬇︎
▶︎ (L-R) Koko KDolce K and Posie K ◀︎

⬇︎ Lip liners ⬇︎
▶︎ (L-R) Koko KDolce K and Posie K ◀︎


 ⬇︎ Swatches of the matte liquid lipsticks ⬇︎

⬇︎ Swatches of the lip liners⬇︎

Both liquid lipsticks and lip liners are of the same colour.

 Koko K - a light, peachy nude shade that's suitable for everyday wear!
 Dolce K - a medium, brown nude.
 Posie K  - slightly dark, dusty rose shade.


⬇︎ Metal Matte Lipsticks ⬇︎
▶︎ (L-R) Heir and Reign ◀︎

As the product name suggests, these metal matte lipsticks dry matte and have a metallic finish.

 Heir - a light, peachy shade with pink undertone.
 Reign - a deep bronze, copper shade. I think that this will go so beautifully with just a simple winged eyeliner because this shade will definitely stand out.

 ☃ A little round up.. 

First of all, these smell like cake icing! If you're not a fan of sweet smell, it might put you off a little. The lipliners are very creamy and applies easily. One thing though, I think they might run out fast. The matte liquid lipsticks run quite watery than I'd hoped because I thought that they would have a more mousse-y texture. However, they are rather opaque and pigmented. The metal matte lipsticks are also as pigmented. The above swatches only show a single swipe!

These Kylie Cosmetics℠ are rather expensive and you can always find dupes on the Internet. I've read that ColourPop makes some. They have a massive range of shades, you're undoubtedly bound to see some dupes here and there.

This is where I'll end this blog post! I hope it has helped you in a way or another. Thank you so much for reading. Have a great week ahead of you!

Gladyator signing' out.

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