Saturday, 11 June 2016

✧ Mini haul: ColourPop. ✧

I think it's a little obvious that I really like ColourPop's products! I have blogged about a few of their lippie stix sets, namely Sundays In Silverlake and Back To Cool, as well as their Strobing II set. You can jump straight ahead to the aforementioned blogposts by clicking on the word "here!" below 😊. You can find swatches of a total of fifteen lippie stix and three super shock cheeks in those three blogposts!

Sundays In Silverlake ⟿ here
Back To Cool ⟿ here!
Strobing II ⟿ here!

Knowing that ColourPop's products are of really good quality and affordable price, I ordered a few more stuff from TwixBN (Instagram page here!) again, as I did previously did for three sets/purchases above. Before this (most recent ColourPop purchase), I'd already gotten my hands on four ultra matte lips (Instigator, Tulle, Bumble, Chilly Chili), which I regrettably have yet to make a blogpost about. Reason being, I wanted to have more in my ultra matte lipstick collection first, before writing about it. 

And, now is the perfect timing as I have just purchased another four in my latest order (StingRAYE, Kae, Chi, Lumière 2)! My most recent ColourPop purchase from TwixBN includes some inneresting products! Other than these four ultra matte lips, I took the liberty to also get two collaboration  eyeshadow quads, which are Kathleen Lights' Where The Night Is and Karrueche's Kaepop. The ultra matte lipsticks cost BND13 (= BND15-10%) and each of the eyeshadow quad costs BND36 (=BND40-10%).

Here are some pictures I took today! 😊

⬇︎ ColourPop box that includes all items purchased most recently ⬇︎
▶︎ which excludes my four, older ultra matte lipsticks ◀︎

⬇︎ ColourPop  Kathleen Lights Where The Night Is eyeshadow quad ⬇︎

▶︎ (L-R) Glow, Cornelious, Porter, KathleenLights ◀︎

 Glow - a matte, creamy white shade.
 Cornelious - a matte, medium-toned caramel shade.
↬ Porter - a metallic, bronze shade with a hint of gold.
↬ KathleenLights - a pearlised golden, copper shade.


⬇︎ ColourPop  Karrueche Kaepop eyeshadow quad ⬇︎

▶︎ (L-R) WilshireSunset Blvd.CrenshawBeverly ◀︎

 Wilshire - a matte, medium-toned peach shade.
 Sunset Blvd. - a pearlised, light golden champagne shade.
↬ Crenshaw - a matte, medium-toned brown shade.
↬ Beverly - a matte raspberry, wine-y shade.


⬇︎ Ultra matte lips ⬇︎
▶︎ which includes all that I have to date ◀︎

↬ Lumière 2 (ColourPop  Kathleen Lightsa muted, mauve shade which reminds me of the colour of an eggplant... 🍆
↬ Instigator a medium-toned, peachy nude shade.
Chi (ColourPop  Karrueche) a muted, light brown shade, which looks better under flash IMHO.
Bumble a medium-toned, dusty terracota shade. 
Tulle a mid-to-dark, plum shade with a bit of red undertone.
StingRAYE (ColourPop  ItsMyRayeRayea muted, plum shade, that looks a bit like  Lumière 2 under flash.
Chilly Chili a dark plum shade with a red undertone.
Kae (ColourPop  Karrueche) a basic, dark brown, chocolate shade.

 ☃ A little round up.. 

The eyeshadow payoff is amazing. Each shade applies beautifully and is creamy, too! I think that these eyeshadows are best applied with your fingers, rather than using brushes, because of their mousse-y consistency. You can first apply using your ringers then blend accordingly using a fluffy brush! But of course, you can do it in any way, using any method you like. 

As for the ultra matte lips, I feel that the shades tend to look much lighter from the tube, than they actually do when swatched or applied on lips. It's rather baffling because you might not know how a particular shade looks on you by just looking at the tube itself. You can only know exactly when you apply it. So I think it's a hit or a miss sort of thing. They really do look different from the tube and more so different on many skin tones. But to give more assurance, you can perhaps Google the images of ultra matte lips swatches. For me and my skin tone, I do feel that these ultra matte lips are not that accurate in terms of how it looks when you look at it versus how it applies on the lips. Does this happen to any of you too? Leave a comment down below if you share the same sentiment!

This is where I'll end my post on ColourPop for now! Thank you for making it this far down. I hope this blogpost has helped you if you happen to be interested in any of their products, since this brand is rather accessible here in Brunei as many local Instagram sellers carry this brand.

Have a great day!

Gladyator signing out.


  1. Hi, how do you know if the lipsticks are authentic? If they are form instagram seller.

    1. Hello!

      Usually I know from the seller's reputation on Instagram. Look at their followers' comments or reviews of their service. Another sign of authenticity of the sellers are the prices that they offer.

      Also, if a seller prices the things they sell LOWER than the retail price (on the brands' original websites), it's usually not authentic. You can also Google images to compare between fake and authentic goods. Trustworthy sellers also post frequent updates on their IG, especially when their stocks have arrived, you can often see the brands' boxes in their pictures.

      Hope this helps! Feel free to ask more questions if you're still in doubt :)


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