Tuesday, 17 January 2017

✧ Review: Huda Beauty Liquid Matte ✧

If you're an avid user of lip products, or specifically liquid lipsticks, I am sure you would have heard of Huda Beauty's form of liquid lipsticks, called liquid matte. These sold out like hot cakes the minute they are displayed online and in-stores, and most probably still selling out as I am typing this now.

When I was on my two-week long holiday at the U.K., I made it a plan to go down to Harrods and get myself some of Huda's liquid mattes. The first time around, I only bought Gossip Gurl and Trophy Wife. I tried them on the next few days while travelling and decided to go to Harrods once again before I left the U.K., and got myself Trendsetter and Icon. I had to queue for about fifteen minutes to half an hour because there were so many people lining up, too. My cousin was recently on her trip to the U.K. too so I asked her to help me get two more shades: Spice Girl and Bombshell. These liquid mattes cost £18 each, approximately BND32.

You can buy them on Cult Beauty for £15 (even cheaper!) too, and Cult Beauty ships to Brunei at a rate of £6.95 and for free for purchases above £50.

These liquid mattes have a vanilla scent to them. The smell could be a little empowering upon application but it fades after awhile and does not linger for long.

They are thin, light-weight and a tad runny. However, they are very pigmented. I find it amazing how the formula is so light-weight but is pigmented at the same time. That was the reason why I decided to get more shades.

Since the formula is a tad runny, it'll be a little wet upon application. They dry down completely matte after awhile. For me, it took about ten to fifteen seconds (yes I counted lmao).


Top to Bottom:
↬ Bombshell - a slight pinkish nude shade
↬ Trendsetter - a brown, nude shade.
↬ Icon - a dark reddish peach shade.
↬ Gossip Gurl - a medium, Barbie pink shade.
↬ Trophy Wife - a rosy, purplish plum shade.
↬ Spice Girl - a brown, mauve shade.

↖ Bombshell ↗

↖ Trendsetter ↗

↖ Gossip Gurl ↗

↖ Icon ↗

↖ Trophy Wife ↗

↖ Spice Girl ↗

 ☃ A little round up.. 

If you're looking for a high quality liquid lipstick, I highly recommend Huda Beauty's liquid matte. A lot of local Instagram sellers carry these at a slightly jacked up price. Or you can always order online from Cult Beauty, as aforementioned.

I hope this blogpost is useful! Thanks so much for reading and please feel free to leave a comment or question down below if you have any! :D

Gladyator signin' out.


  1. Hi! I ordered something from Cult Beauty to see how well and fast their service esp shipping to Brunei would be. Its been more than a month now and i still have not received my parcel. Have you ever purchased from Cult Beauty? If so, how long did you wait to receive your stuff?

    1. Hello!

      I've never ordered from CB before. But if the courier, USPS, was used, it might take roughly a month or so.

      Have you sent them an email? If not, you probably should. They might refund you if the shipping/delivery period has exceeded than what they promised.

    2. Yes, I have emailed them for a refund. But I was hoping that I could rely on CultBeauty for makeup shopping because they carry quite alot of brands that I like. Oh well. Thanks for your reply! ��

    3. Was there tracking provided for your order? Sometimes it's the post office here that's slow.

      You're welcome!

    4. Hi! Did you get tax on the item that you purchased? I got taxed!

    5. Hello! I didn't get taxed because I didn't order mine online, I bought mine at the U.K.

      But I usually do get taxed whenever I go to the post office to collect my parcels.


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