Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Sigma 3DHD™ is here!

Hi everyone! I've finally found the time to blog. My exams are just around the corner and I'm sitting for my first paper in two weeks' time. So I've been busy revising and trying to complete all assignments and module tasks at the same time. Now I'm currently taking an hour or two to get away from all the notes and books and here I am!

Today, this post will be dedicated to Sigma's 3DHD™brushes. I signed up for the membership a year ago and I receive e-mails from them that feature their latest products all the time. Then one day, they made pre-release email about their latest and newest 3DHD™brushes and I knew I had to get them once they are released (because I LOOOVE their F80 kabuki brush!). So I signed up to be notified once those 3DHD™brushes are officially released.

I placed my order on Sigma's official website (link here!) on the 5th of October and it arrived Brunei three weeks later. There are currently two brushes under the 3DHD™line: Kabuki and Precision, and there are three colors to choose from: white, black and pink. I chose my brushes to be white because my 4-pieces Sigma kabuki set is already in black and my Sigma Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit is in blue so..white seemed like the perfect choice to make.

The prices are as follows:

↬ 3DHD™ Kabuki - USD24.00
↬ 3DHD™ Precision - USD21.00
↬ Shipping fee to Brunei - USD16.25

I paid USD61.25 (≈ BND79.00) altogether. As some of you know, Shop@Sarah's carries Sigma products. The Precision brush is sold at BND34.90 and Kabuki one at BND39.90. Both cost a total of BND74.80 and is cheaper than buying from Sigma's official website. If you are looking into buying them, doing so at Shop@Sarah's would be a good option because it's cheaper and you need not wait for your parcel to arrive. Feel free to comment down below if you have any questions! :)

Here are the pictures.

Sleek, beautiful packaging as usual!

The brushes are put in a transparent plastic wrap, upon being put in another box (which looks like the one that holds Jolibee's pita sandwich or McD's apple pie!)

As the name 3DHD suggests, the brushes are designed to be 3 dimensional. What it does (got these off the website):

↬ Ridge: The functional ridge at the top of the brush has the perfect angle to apply liquid, cream or powder products reaching every curve, crease and angle. Designed with a structure that is effortlessly multifunctional, 3DHD™ will do all the work for you, without having to move a single muscle of the face (I usually scrunch up my face when applying foundation with a brush so I assume that by using this brush, I could avoid making the currently-applying-foundation-on-my-face face).

↬ Double wedge flat surface: Allows application of liquid, cream or powder products on flat or slightly curved areas of the face in two simple steps. First, apply product using one side of the wedge, then use the second (clean) side of the brush to smooth the surface and eliminate any streaks.

↬ Point: The sharp point of the brush can be used for highly precise application of cream, liquid and powder products. The point allows products to be perfectly applied in the under eye area and around the mouth.

↬ Dimensions and density of fibers: The dimensions of the brush head were developed to provide fast product application, while the density of the fibers allows for buffing products onto the skin. The fine fibers allow for coverage of skin pores.

Free gifts are packaged properly in an envelope!

Sample of their Smoke Screen palette.

Sample of their Warm Neutrals palette (loveee!).

Though I paid around BND5 more by purchasing online rather than purchasing it at Shop@Sarah's, I didn't mind at all because along with my brushes, came some goodies/free gifts! It's always cool when a company goes the extra mile in sending their customers free gifts. Good job, Sigma!

I guess this is it for now. Gotta get back to the boring part of my life now: the academics. I will be going on a short hiatus until I'm done with my exams, that'll be the end of November. But watch this space as I've got some good stuff to blog about!

I hope this post has helped you and thank you so much for reading. Good night!

Gladyator signing out.


  1. hi Gladys! this comment may be odd. hahaha. i saw one of your instagram photos (not stalking, just browsing thru and please don't creep out) :p and i'm wondering about the nume style wand. how long does it takes to ship to the UK? and how much is the shipping rate? plan to ask my friend to help me bring back to Brunei. thanks! :)

  2. Hello!! I don't remember how long it took, perhaps two to three weeks. I used a Youtuber's discount code for the set and it costed USD99. But altogether with the shipping rate and extra taxes, I paid BND170 for everything. Look out for discount codes on YouTubers' videos (when they feature Num in them) because they usually provide them to their viewers. Hope this helps!


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