Friday, 28 November 2014

LORAC Cosmetics - Mega PRO palette.

Hello errbadeh! My exam just ended yesterday and I'm back to blogging! 

When LORAC announced that they were going to come up with a palette that has 32 eyeshadows, everyone was pretty hyped about it. So hyped that the palette was sold out and even discontinued a few days after the palette's official release. I've always wanted to get my hands on LORAC PRO palettes 1 and 2 but always never decided to in the end. But when I heard about the Mega one, I know I just had to get it and thankfully managed to before it was discontinued. 

Without further ado, here are ze pictures!

This is how the packaging looks, it feels so smooooth.

All the 32 eyeshadows!
The first two rows are matte and the last two rows are shimmery.
The eyeshadows are placed from light to dark, from left to right.

These are the matte shades.

Cream - a light beige perfect to be placed on the brow bone!
Fawn - a light peachy beige shade 
Camel - a brown shade with a tint of orange tone
Sepia - a muted brown shade perfect to be used as a transition color

White - a white shade.....with a little bit of shimmer
Khaki - a light, neutral brown shade with a little bit of shimmer
Brown - a medium-brown shade
Stone - a purple-toned gray

Dusty Plum - a muted rose gold shade
Orchid - a muted pink shade
Mulberry - a medium-dark berry red shade (looks a tad darker in picture than it does real life)
Espresso - a chocolatey dark brown shade

Lilac - a light purple shade
Wisteria - a muted, medium-plum shade 
Gray - yep, a gray shade (looks very much like my sixth form uniform back in Maktab Sains)
Black - a medium-dark black, has a littttle shimmer

Now, the eyeshadows that have sparklez and shimmerz.

Opal - a white shade, with a tad tint of gold flakes
Sand - a light gold shade
Copper - a light golden-brown shade
Sienna - a medium-dark brown shade

Vanilla - an off-white shade
Cashmere - a light, metallic beige shade
Smokey Topaz - a light, golden-brown shade
Dusty Rose - a muted, pinkish brown shade

Apricot - a peachy shade
Blush - a light pink shade
Merlot - a muted, medium-dark purple
Indigo - a navy blue shade

Granite - a dark brown shade
Maroon - a bronzy shade
Deep teal - an emerald-teal shade
Caviar - a medium-dark black

I purchased this palette from Pretty_Women_Go_Shopping on Facebook for BND110 and waited about a month over for it to arrive. I thought that was pretty good deal because the prices on eBay and Amazon are crazy-ass prices, like BND150-and-above kind of crazy (ferrealz no joke k). 

I guess that's all for now! I hope this post has helped you in a way or another. Thank you for reading and have a great weekend ahead of you.

Gladyator signing out.


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