Friday, 29 April 2016

✧ Mini haul: Tarte Cosmetics. ✧

Hi errbadeh!

No, this blogpost will not be about another Sephora Favourites set. But instead, it will be about Tarte Cosmetics! You can probably tell by the title of this post already haha. Roughly two and a half months ago, I'd only found out that Tarte (website HERE!) actually ships to Brunei!

Shipping fee to Brunei is approximately USD24 (≈ BND32). However, shipping fee to Brunei is free if you spend above BND169 and that was what I did. If there are certain products that you want from Tarte but their prices do not add up to BND169 and if you're unwilling to pay the BND32 shipping fee for just a few products, you can ask your friends whether or not they are interested in purchasing from Tarte. This way, the entire purchase can add up to BND169 and you are then entitled to free shipping. 

I ordered a few goodies on the 10th of March and the package arrived around a month, which is usually the timeframe for international packages to reach Brunei. I shall list below what I ordered and the price of each item!

↪︎ water foundation (SPF 15) in shade light-medium honey  BND54
↪︎ so fine micro liner in black  BND26
↪︎ tarteist™ creamy matte lip paint in shade tbt BND22.50
↪︎ tarteist™ lip crayon in shade latergram  BND21 BND
↪︎ double duty beauty™ limited-edition eye & cheek palette  in classic courage  BND41.50
↪︎ double duty beauty™ limited-edition eye & cheek palette in sultry starpower  BND28

So altogether, my order costed BND193, which I think is okay. Reason being, I actually am paying the base amount from the official website itself. Yes, there are a few sellers on IG who sell Tarte too. But why should you pay for their marked up prices when you can get the actual, proper price from the website itself? The sellers may absorb the shipping fee and you need not pay for it, but instead pay for the (sometimes unreasonably) jacked up prices. But you can always gather a few friends to make a single purchase off the website and share the shipping fee, additional bonus if it's free! Certain websites like Tarte offer free shipping if an amount and above is spent, but those websites that do not offer such free shipping, they often offer flat shipping rate, which also can be divided among you and your friends accordingly!

BH Cosmetics is one of cosmetics brands that ships to Brunei. Anastasia Beverly Hills and even Sigma Beauty, too! I tend to see IG sellers mark up their prices by a lot of %. Why not give purchasing yourself a whirl before purchasing from your local IG sellers? You can simply just visit the brands' official websites and try adding certain products to your cart, select Brunei as the destination, see the total amount of entire purchase (including shipping fee) and compare it to what you have to pay when you purchase from a local IG seller. By doing these few clicks and filling in some entries, you may be able to actually save some moolah for future purchases!

Okay, I should probably get back to blogging about my mini haul 🤓. Pictures toime!

⇧ Brown box containing all items ⇧

⇧ water foundation in shade light-medium honey 

⇧ The applicator is a dropper tool (which reminds me of my Chemistry two-hour long practicals..😶) ⇧

water foundation ↦ hydrating, light weight ⇧
⇧ SPF 15 sunscreen ⇧


 ⇧ so fine micro liner in black 

↬ You can get a thin line or a thicker line with this eyeliner!
↬ Thin ↝ Hold the liner where the tip is pointed directly to eyelids.
↬ Thin ↝ Hold the liner where it lays more horizontally to eyelids, rather than having only the tip coming into contact with eyelids.

⇧ tarteist™ creamy matte lip paint in shade tbt 
⇧ tarteist™ lip crayon in shade latergram 

↬ Both tbt and latergram are mauve, deeper dusty rose shades.
↬ Both are super pigmented and creamy!!


⇧ double duty beauty™ limited-edition eye & cheek palette 
⤥ classic courage 
⤥ sultry starpower

classic courage 
✶ May the starlight be your spotlight ✶

Swatches from top to bottom:
stiletto (eyeshadow)  a matte, black shade.
twilight (eyeshadow)  a medium, taupe and chocolate shade with a slight sheen.
sparks fly (eyeshadow)  a medium, brown shade.
ladies night (eyeshadow)  a matte, light taupe shade which can be used as a transitioning shade or as a base.
glimmer (eyeshadow)  a light shimmery, champagne shade (perfect for highlighting the inner corners!)
star power (blush) ⇉ a slightly shimmery, light dusty rose shade.

⇧ sultry starpower 
✿ She dreamed, she believed & she succeeded ✿

Swatches from top to bottom:
↬ trailblazer (eyeshadow) a matte, medium brown shade.
↬ lucky penny (eyeshadow) ⇉ a shimmery, bronze-y rose gold shade.
↬ smile on (eyeshadow)  a shimmery, bronze shade.
↬ rosy outlook (eyeshadow)  a shimmery, light peach shade with a hint of gold.
↬ rise & shine (eyeshadow)  a cream, off-white shade, which can act as a base for your subsequent eyeshadows.
courage (blush)  a matte, medium peach shade.


What can I say about the packaging of these palettes? Lawa brabis. The entire packaging is very compact, has a mirror in it, consists of five creamy eyeshadows and a blush! Even before opening up the palette and use it, you already feel positive inside because of the words written on the front of the palette.

I've yet to put these products to use and have only just taken them out of its packages for the first time today. I'm excited to though! Will be taking them along on my Singapore trip and put them to the test.

I guess this is all for today's mini haul! I hope you've enjoyed reading and that it's of help to you in any way possible. Thanks for making it this far ☺️. Please leave a comment down below if you have any questions!

Gladyator signing out!


  1. Omg should have found your blog before! I'm planning to get few stuffs from Tarte next month. After reading this post, I don't hesitate anymore. Lol.

    1. Hello! Glad you stumbled upon my blog and that it helped you! Ooo online makeup shopping is fun! Hehe. But please be advised that sometimes Tarte items reach Brunei after a month or even two. My previous order took more than two months!


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