Thursday, 25 September 2014

Mini BH Cosmetics Haul pt. 2.

Duh-hello errbadeh! In my previous post (link here!), I got BH Cosmetics' Sculpt And Blend brush set which comes with 10 brushes. Since this particular set is only meant for face/base (but that doesn't limit the brushes' uses to only those specific areas), I decided to get another because BH's stuff are really affordable! There are many brush sets to choose from, pretty ones too at that! But I had already laid my eyes upon the Rose Gold brush set when it was launched a few months ago. So, the Rose Gold one it is! Order was placed on the 2nd of September and it arrived Brunei approximately two and a half weeks after.

Here are some pictures!

Set comes with a bag, which properly stores 15 brushes.
Flap covering the bristles prevents them from being ruined.
Handy when you need to pack it for travelling, but for my case, definitely convenient when I get ready for performances!

(L-R) Classic foundation brush, powder brush and angled blush & powder brush

(L-R) Small detailing brush
Small classic shadow brush
Brow & lash spooley brush
Brow & lash grooming brush
Angled liner brush
Fine eyeliner brush

(L-R) Angled shadow brush
Curved shading brush
Large classic shadow brush
Tapered smudge brush
Small tapered blending brush
Tapered blending brush

I managed to sneak in a little something something for my brows in this purchase :D

Flawless Brow Trio in Medium

Consists of a tinted wax (to groom and shape brows) and two different shades of brow powders (for filling in gaps).
Also includes a double-ended nylon brush.

At the time of my purchase, the above brush set costed USD16.95 and brow defining kit costed USD4.95. One thing that doesn't tickle my fancy is that the brushes in both (Sculpt and Blend and Rose Gold) sets are not labeled. I had to refer to the website in order to get their names right. But that shouldn't be a problem if one would often use the brushes frequently.

I guess that's all for now! Thank you so much for reading and have a great weekend ahead of you!

Gladyator signing out.


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